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How long does it take to develop your bespoke CRM?

By using MiXCRM's platform modules as a foundation, we are able to develop your bespoke CRM in a relatively short amount of time (2-6 months, depending on your business model).

The initial evaluation period is the most important development stage and usually takes a few weeks.

In this initial stage we will conduct several interviews with key persons on the functional flow of the business. Not only managers, but also regular (last) users; these interviews will help us deliver a optimized information flow and a very friendly (easy to use) interface.

On the other side, the managers / top management are those who needs specific reports in order to understand the market, the clients, the suppliers, other partners, the interior environment of the business, the performance and behavior of the employees, teams, departments and partners.

MiXCRM is more than a Bespoke CRM - It is a Business Intelligence System built to bring real results to your company - or other kind of organisation.
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