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If bespoke, why MiXCRM is a platform?

MiXCRM is a set of basic functions, a carefully designed structure, a clear set of interface principles that we can use and re-use no matter what are the specifications of your bespoke CRM.

These elements are like lego elements, they are already developed (yet 100% customizable), already thoroughly tested and regularly updated for all clients.

This is why we can offer a very competitive price for a fully bespoke CRM - developed on your requirements.

Not least, using these modules, we are able to develop your bespoke CRM in a relatively short amount of time (2-6 months, depending on your business model). The initial evaluation period is the most important stage and usually takes a few weeks.

MiXCRM, being constantly updated as a platform, means you will always have a solid and secure system, reducing costs and maximizing business performance.

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