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Why would you develop a bespoke CRM for your business?

Your company is unique. Over the years you have developed specific workflows and solutions to optimise your business.

Instead of changing your business to force it into an abstract, pre-existing business model, we can develop a CRM that will empower your unique business, giving you a huge boost on the market.

Bespoke CRM = Your unique business success
A bespoke CRM built on top of your already successful business model will be much more fluid and flexible, giving you a real advantage on the market; also, it will be easier to be understood by your employees, reducing training costs.

Bespoke CRM = Powerful, original reports
The reports will be those that you need, you do not have to learn to extract data from unfamiliar, abstract reports. We will build exactly the reports that you need.

Bespoke CRM = Business Intelligence
Internal processes: MiXCRM is more than a bespoke CRM. We will build specific information flows and reports that will mimic the processes that you already developed and optimised over the years.
If possible, these processes can be optimised further; we will be able to suggest such optimisations based on our experience with small or large organisations.

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