Business Intelligence

Logic Industry has developed a set of complex CRM / ERP / BPMS Web-Based solutions to solve industry-specific problems.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions are based on a deep understanding of practices, business models and specific needs in these industries, and are constatly updated and developed using client feedback regarding:

- required business reports
- usability
- security
- speed
- industry-specific requirements, technologies, business models

Each of the standard Business Intelligence solutions can (and usually are) further customized for specific needs of our clients. We usually start from the Standard version, understand your specific needs and propose you a set of specific functions, suited for your business model.

The Business Intelligence solutions can be integrated with 3-rd party software systems, developed on various platforms and technologies, and also can be integrated with your website or online store.

Standard Business Intelligence solutions:

WDCM 2.0 for IT / Electronics Techical Service Network and Retail

Pizza Manager Enterprise Cloud for restauramts, fast foods, catering, pizza houses

Eventus Manager Enterprise for companies in Event Management Industry

Logistic Manager to manage auto fleet, parts, documents, drivers, costs, etc. in industrial environment like construction, transport, mining, agriculture, etc.

Real Estate Portal, Agent and Client Manager, which is a complete solution to manage a Real Estate company.

Standard WDCM CRM for any company/industry - manage clients, client's requests, techinical support, history and calendar for relationship with your clients, manage contracts and technical documents, manage sales agents performance, manage marketing campaigns performance, real time business reports regarding clients and sales, other business reports.

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