SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

How do we do it?

At Logic Industry® we build what we call Strategic SEO. Strategic SEO takes into account long term results in search engines, but also, takes into account the real results that you want from your website. For example, the description that you see in Google for your website should be clear, short, and must be a call to action (see us, visit us, etc). This requires not only programming skills, but also, marketing and communication experience.

During the development of Strategic SEO, we follow (and repeat) 4 very important steps:

• SEO Planning: We define the goals of SEO process

• SEO Evaluation: We use advanced SEO techniques to understand the environment in which your website must succeed; We use a mix of experienced SEO Proffesionals, SEO Programmers, Complex software tools, Marketing and Communication Experts

• SEO Implementation: We make changes in programming, in website's content (or we make recommendations regarding your content, if your content is too technical for our expertise).

• SEO Monitorizing & Adjustments: Once we finish our job and launch the optimized website in internet, we will closely look how it performs in the dynamic, ever-changing, environment of search engines.
We continue to make small adjustments in content and programming to ensure the best results.

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