Step 2/10 - How do we build the best Web Design solution for you?

We conduct a market research to understand how the best Website on the market should look like.

And not only look, but also how it feels, what facilites offer to the customers and partners.
We check your direct competitors, we think as a new client (one target), then we think like a eudcated customer (another target). We're trying to understand who, beside you, would be our chosen supplier, and then we try to understand why we would take that decision.

It may be about the general look, the prices, the simple navigation system (the menus), the large pictures of the products, many details, how easy is to order, general brand appearance - if they look trustworthy, etc.

We will use our experience and this deep analysis to create a Custom Web Design for Business website, better than any of your' competitor.
We will take that elements that convinced us, invent new things (menus, functions, etc) to address certain goals (like generating first order of a new client, improving client fidelity, selling more, etc.). Knowing how to describe in words the best website on your market will be the first step in building the best website on your market - for you.

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