Custom web solutions: Logic Industry

Logic Industry offers Web Design for Business, Branding and Custom built CRM/ERP/BPMS solutions since 1999.

We have in our portfolio companies from the entire world: United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Denmark, Italy, France, Israel, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Brazil, etc.

Companies with more than 100. mil. euros/year from 14 countries has chosen Logic Industry solutions.

Logic Industry® is a registered trade mark in European Union.

Web Design for Business:

Complete, custom Web Design for Business: A complete Web Design solution for your's company presence on Internet.

Frontend (What your customers and your partners see on the website):

• Custom Online Shops;
• Custom Presentation websites;
• On-line catalogues
• B2B Websites;
• B2C Websites;
• Custom modules to impress your clients
• Custom Software Development with web technologies

Backend (How you can update content, see business reports, traffic and how to link the website with other software in your company):

• Content Management System: Custom, created for your website, easy update of all the content of the website
• Import data from your ERP software, data files, etc. to fast load website's database
• Export from website data, sales, user accounts, newsletter subscribers from website's database
• Automatic, professional SEO from your content to have high SEO performance for each individual page of your website
• Perfectly compatible to exchange data with our custom CRM/ERP/BPMS solutions, created to manage your business
• Performance reports regarding number of sales, subscribers, etc, to see business patterns and opportunities from visitor's behaviour
• Best reports on visitors (pages, keywords, location, and dozens of graphic reports with website integrated Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools)

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